About Us


MyKanjee’s mission is to give sarees emotional value by upcycling them through local boutiques, fostering sustainability and connection among enthusiasts. 


MyKanjee envisions enabling personal passions through saree transformation, fostering a connected community that values sentimental and sustainable creativity.

Our story

MyKanjee was born with the idea to allow you to create what you love using the fabric you love. Sarees hold a very special emotional value in our lives. These elegant pieces of fabric are usually passed down from our parents as a sign of love, we drape them during our most special moments leaving a part of our heart wrapped closely between these threads. A fabric so special it is sometimes difficult to part from and we recognise this value. 


Mykanjee provides you with a platform to upcycle your beautiful sarees into something that you would love to wear for any occasion. We connect you with the most trusted local boutiques who would bring your vision to life. If you are not interested in tearing up this beautiful 6 yards of perfection, then we encourage you to restore the lustre of your saree.

We would love for you to join us on our journey to create a beautiful community of environmentally conscious saree lovers.

Let’s create value together!